Details of the self certification procedures applicable within the Force are available from Human Resources and the JBB Office.

Regulation 28 Annex K provides that a member of a police force who is absent on sick leave shall be entitled to full pay for six months in any one year period. Thereafter, the member becomes entitled to half pay for six months in any one year period.

Entitlement to pay and the level of pay is calculated by deducting from your entitlement on the first day of a sick leave period the aggregate of periods of paid absence during the twelve months immediately preceding the first day of absence.

The chief officer retains the discretion to resume or maintain the period of entitlement to, as appropriate, full pay or half pay. PNB Circulars 03/2 and 05/1 give agreed guidance to chief officers on the exercise of this discretion.

For further details please contact the JBB.

Court appearances – whilst sick

If a member is certified unfit for duty by a doctor, and due to give evidence in Court, unless the reason for the certification prevents him/her from giving evidence, the member is obliged to attend Court and give evidence. Where the member does so as part of his/her duty as a police officer, this will be duty in the normal way.

Injury sustained on duty

As at summer 2009, the Home Office is conducting a review of police injury benefits, which could lead to changes in entitlements which may be significant in some cases and may affect the position summarised below. For the up to the date position contact your JBB office or visit

Any injury suffered whilst on duty (e.g. assault, a road traffic accident, falling over loose equipment, disease, stress, etc.) should be reported by the member to his/her supervising officer and to the local offices of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to register an industrial injury. DWP may invite the member to claim benefit. These steps may assist in getting an injury award, should further aggravation or deterioration result, even at a much later date.

Sick pay will be abated by any incapacity benefit or statutory sick pay if the member is on full sick pay.

An injury received at any sport or game will not be regarded as an injury on duty unless the sporting activity is part of a training programme or otherwise carried out in duty time under a specific order (e.g. PSU training).

In respect of any injury suffered by a member (whether or not incurred on duty) he/she should notify the Joint Branch Board Secretary with a view to obtaining advice as to the possibility of a civil claim and/or a claim under the Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme.