For full details and current rates see Regulation 34 Annex U, or contact the JBB.

Motor Vehicle Allowances

Motor vehicle allowances for members using their own vehicles for duty are payable at “Essential User” or “Casual User” rates according to the member’s designation. Rates are adjusted annually. See PNB circulars for current rates.

Dog Handlers’ Allowances

A dog handler’s allowance – designed to compensate for caring for a dog on rest days and public holidays – is payable where a police dog is kept and cared for at the member’s home. A further 25 per cent of the allowance is paid for each additional police dog kept at home. See PNB Circular 08/11 for current rates: The allowance payable from 1st September 2008 is £2,025 per annum. The allowance payable from 1st September 2009 is £2,079 per annum. The allowance payable from 1st September 2010 is £2,133 per annum.

Bonus Payments

Bonus payments, of between £50 and £500, are payable where the chief officer judges a piece of work by a member to be of an outstandingly demanding, unpleasant or important nature.

Teams can now be subject to a bonus between £50 and £100 if the same criteria as the individual bonus is reached.