A legal development means that some police officers may be being underpaid holiday pay.

Our legal advice is that the pay which police officers receive for the first 5.6 weeks of leave in each leave year should reflect not only pay, but also any allowances which form part of their normal remuneration.

This is likely to mean that for any period of leave within the first 5.6 weeks of leave in each leave year, a member should be paid an amount to reflect the average amount of allowances which s/he earned in the 12 week period immediately before the leave in question.

In most cases it is anticipated that individual claims will not be for very large amounts.

The Federation is seeking to resolve this issue by negotiation and agreement. However we are also taking steps to enable claims to be brought if negotiation does not work.

The time limit for a claim is that it needs to be brought within 3 months of the date on which the relevant period of leave was paid. We anticipate we will formally launch this system by the summer and will not be supporting any claims on this issue until this point. However, this doesn’t stop any member in the meantime bringing their own claim at his or her own expense before then.

Further information about the issue, including the system we have been designing to bring bulk claims should that be necessary, can be found in the members’ area of the polfed website (http://www.polfed.org/members/2590.aspx).

If you are not already registered to see that section you can do so by using your pnn police email or your polfed email address and you will get instant access