Call for Royal Commission

Lobbying does work!

Paul Uppal is a West Midlands Tory MP who, back in March, was sending out the standard “cut & paste” letter response to members and constituents who had sent him post cards and he obstinately refused to change his stance.

However, on 14 June, he capitulated!

He now publicly supports a Royal Commission on Policing, publishing this fact on his web site and he has written to Nick Herbert in these terms.

This significant achievement demonstrates that they can be persuaded to change their view!

Chris Jones, West Midlands JBB Secretary said, “Paul Uppal MP was eventually convinced of our argument through the sheer determination and persistence of our members, (his constituents), supported by local Federation Representatives, who were in turn supported by their JBB principal officers. This was a variation on the theme of good old fashioned “coppering” where every one got out of their comfy chairs and spoke face to face to deliver persuasive argument. Take note that Paul Uppal is now the fifth Tory MP, (plus one Lib.Dem.), that we have managed to turn since the publication of Windsor Pt1”.

The battle against Windsor, Hutton and Neyroud, to save our service and pensions is not one that can be fought by the centre or the larger forces alone. We all have to play our part by stepping out of our comfort zones a little.

Only a few men have ever walked on the face of the moon, yet it took the belief, determination and efforts of a whole many more to get them there and back safely.

Don’t leave it to others – contact you MP now.

Paul Uppal MP urges the implementation of Royal Commission on Policing

  • Paul Uppal calls for a Royal Commission on Policing
  • We are approaching a critical time for the police service in this country
  • This is an issue that is as paramount as the deficit and the country’s finances

Nick Herbert
Minister of state for policing
Home Office
2 Marsham Street

14 June 2011

Dear Nick Herbert,

We are approaching a critical time for the police service in this country, the Winsor review of police pay and conditions, the Hutton review of public sector pensions, and the Neyroud review of police leadership and training, will shape and define the police force for a generation.

I am writing to urge you to implement a Royal Commission on Policing as put forward by the Police Federation – a commission to ensure that needed reforms reflect the needs and expectations of a modern police force. I understand that you believe that there is not time for a wholesale review when savings are needed to cut the deficit, but surely this issue is as paramount as the deficit and the country’s finances. I do not believe that we can afford to trade speed with outcomes of these reforms.

We all agree that the police force is a credit to this country, which is why it saddens me that John Giblin, chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales’ sergeants’ central committee, felt it necessary to speak out and say that, “a royal commission was ‘desperately needed’ as the police service witnesses a ‘fragmentation of the police service characterised by a lack of standardisation, consistency and clarity of roles and responsibilities”

I have deeper concerns about the way that our Government has been portrayed in the media regarding our stance on Policing and Justice; we have allowed ourselves to look ‘out of touch’ on an issue that has been one of the cornerstones of modern Conservative Governments.

I trust that you will implement a commission to ensure that the police force is best placed to serve the needs and expectations of communities and individuals.

Yours Sincerely,