As you all know the above event and associated activities will be taking place in the U.K. This will impact on our Police Service, to enable both a safe and enjoyable Games, whilst maintaining as normal a Police Service to England and Wales as possible.

To achieve this in the current climate of reduced Police Officer numbers there will be, either directly or indirectly an impact on every Police Officer, including in Gloucestershire.

Every Force has now been made aware of an indication of what skills will be required away from Gloucestershire (still subject to ratification), and what numbers of Police Officers during, before and after the Olympics and Paralympics. In total a period of almost 3 months.

In order to fulfil Gloucestershire’s commitment directly to Police the Olympic events, and retain a viable service to the public of Gloucestershire, it will be necessary to plan ahead.

This will both enable the above.

What is obvious, however is that we do not have enough Police Officers in Gloucestershire, with the required specific skills, or there not be an impact on “normal” policing.

Nearly all the abstractions or effects will be felt by uniform Officers, as they are the group who will be required to actually perform duties directly aligned to the Olympics, more than any others, but others may be required to fill any gaps that may appear during the affected 3 months.

In order to maintain as much Officer availability, and partly due to the reduced Officer numbers, it will be necessary to restrict the % of Officers on annual leave during periods and even, for some (very few) with specific required skills, there will no ability to book A/L at all. All Officers possibly between 20/07/2012 & 27/08/2012, and a few between 31/07/1012 & 13/08/2012.

Having been invited to a meeting to discuss this issue, I am currently reassured that any such periods of restricted A/L, will be kept to a minimum and that as much notice as possible will be given, in order for affected Officers, to make any plans. It is hoped that this notice could be as much as 1 year.

Ian Anderson

Chairman JBB