The Gloucestershire Police Federation have just received first sight of the recommendations from the Winsor review into Police Pay and Conditions. It contains 62 recommendations which can be viewed on this link together with the Summary. Many of these recommendations will potentially affect our remuneration and the way that we are treated for some time to come. None of the recommendations will ease the confusion, worry, anger and frustration felt by all of us who feel let down by our leaders who to all intents and purposes have failed us.

Police Officers cannot strike or take any form of industrial action such as working to rule. We therefore expect our leaders, ACPO and our Police Authority to stand up and be the voices that protect us in times such as these. Their silence has been telling and may result in an end to the good will that our job so heavily relies on. Both ACPO and the APA have used this review to devalue our role and they should be ashamed of themselves.

We will now consider the possible implications of this review on our members and also any effect that this may have on the communities which we serve. We hoped for an independent and FAIR review of our pay and conditions, we got anything but!