We understand that there are an average of 20 ‘appeals’ per month where officers have been warned for court when on annual leave or with some other commitment. A significant number of these appeals will fail because the officer has not completed their MG10 witness availability. The courts rely heavily on the MG10 when setting trial dates and it is difficult to appeal against a date if an officers MG10 was not up to date – or in some cases not even completed. It is important that as soon as you have significant dates that you want off that you put them onto the MG10 – even before they have been officially authorised. Don’t wait, for example, for your annual leave to be authorised before adding it. Although it is suggested that the MG10 should cover 6 months it is much safer if you keep it up to date over a 12 month period.

If your MG10 is up to date you have a significantly better chance of success when appealing a trial date.