If an officer is on a rest day or free day on a Bank Holiday they will take the day off and will be owed the pro rata hours as per the table below. So if the officer works 24 hours per week they would be owed 4 hours 48 minutes. This time is taken as time off, not payment.

If an officer’s rostered work day falls on a Bank Holiday and they work that day, they get paid for the hours that they work.

If the officer does NOT work the Bank Holiday they should subtract their entitlement (using the table below) from their normal rostered hours for that day. So if an officer works 24 hours per week their bank holiday allowance would be 4 hours 48 minutes. If their rostered shift for that day is normally 6 hours they would subtract 4 hours 48 minutes from 6 hours, giving 1 hour 12 minutes. The officer would then owe this time and would be expected to work it as additional hours within their shift pattern. Alternatively they could take this time off their overtime card.

10 hours2 hours
11 hours2 hours 12 mins
12 hours2 hours 24 mins
13 hours2 hours 36 mins
14 hours2 hours 48 mins
15 hours3 hours
16 hours3 hours 12 mins
17 hours3 hours 24 mins
18 hours3 hours 36 mins
19 hours3 hours 48 mins
20 hours4 hours
21 hours4 hours 12 mins
22 hours4 hours 24 mins
23 hours4 hours 36 mins
24 hours4 hours 48 mins
25 hours5 hours
26 hours5 hours 12 mins
27 hours5 hours 24 mins
28 hours5 hours 36 mins
29 hours5 hours 48 mins
30 hours6 hours
31 hours6 hours 12 mins
32 hours6 hours 24 mins
33 hours6 hours 36 mins
34 hours6 hours 48 mins
35 hours7 hours
36 hours7 hours 12 mins
37 hours7 hours 24 mins
38 hours7 hours 36 mins
39 hours7 hours 48 mins
40 hours (full time)8 hours