In her speech to the Police Federation of England and Wales Annual Conference on 19 May 2010, the Home Secretary announced that, as part of the Coalition Agreement, there would be “a full review of the remuneration and conditions of service for police officers and staff.”

Please rest assured we will do everything in our power to resist any changes but we have to be realistic and there is no doubt our conditions of service will come under attack over the coming months as the Government have shown they no longer consider the Police to be a special case and will use these difficult times to implement change.

Our job is to fight these changes and whilst doing so ensure we are representing your views.

It is an uncomfortable question but we would like to know what, if any, of our conditions of service you would consider giving up as part of the coming negotiations. Would you consider giving up double time on a Bank Holiday? When working into a rest day off nights would you give up the minimum 4 hour payment and agree to being paid for what you worked? Would you consider giving up SPP’s and bonus payments? The list goes on….

Please email any suggestions to