Please remember to regularly check which pay point you are on so that you get your CRTP application in on time. This especially applies to those who have been promoted because you don’t always start on the bottom pay point, meaning that you reach the top earlier than you may have thought. It is your responsibility to apply for the payment, the Force won’t tell you. Nor will they backdate it if you put your application in late. We recommend putting the application in 3 months before the payment becomes payable.

Rest days on Bank Holidays

There has been some confusion recently in relation to rest days that fall on a bank holiday. I can confirm that if a rest day falls on a bank holiday it should be rerostered. It matters not whether you work the bank holiday for double time or have the day off, the rest day is always rerostered.

Also don’t forget that if you are asked to work on a bank holiday with less than 8 days notice you are entitled to another day off as well. The important thing about this is that this day is treated as if it were a bank holiday. So should you have to work this particular rerostered day it would be for double time. A well kept secret!


A review of public pensions is being carried out by John Hutton on behalf of the Government. The Federation have been asked to make comments to inform his enquiry which we are doing. Notwithstanding this our pensions were, and still are, going to be reviewed in 2011. There has created a lot of speculation – will they increase our contributions? Will they tax commutation? The answer is that nobody knows what the results of these reviews will be. Please be assured that the Federation will be doing all we can to convince the decision makers to protect what we have and minimise any changes. However please also bear in mind that we do not have the ability to negotiate the terms of our pensions as we do with Regulations and so changes can be imposed.

Pay and Conditions

We are expecting to be notified by the end of the month that a review of police pay and conditions will take place. We will keep you updated as things progress should this happen.

Special Priority Payments

SPP’s will be paid as normal this year but it is likely that they will be looked at closely next year with a view to either removing them or reducing the amount paid.

Pension Regulation A19

This regulation basically says that once an officer has the ability to draw a full pension (this would be 30 years for the old pension scheme) then the force can make them to retire on the grounds of efficiency. The force have not used this regulation before and have assured us that they would only use it as a last resort but you all need to be aware that it is there if you are at or approaching 30 years service.

Can I be made redundant?

The simple answer is that Police Officers are not employees, we are Crown Servants, and as such we are not covered by redundancy legislation and therefore cannot be made redundant. However please be aware that more use is likely to be used of the Unsatisfactory Performance & Attendance Procedures (UPP). If you become subject to these procedures please contact your local federation representative immediately.

Graham Riley


Gloucestershire JBB