Whilst it is perhaps still too early to assess how successful the implementation of the new Conduct and Performance regulations have been, it is perhaps pleasing to report that there has only been 3 misconduct meetings. Pleasing because we are not having Hearings!

With the restructure of the Force there will be the opportunity for supervisors to take up the challenges within the Taylor report and manage both the conduct and performance of staff, which will hopefully reduce the number of conduct meetings even further.

Within the Force the main issues still forming the basis of complaints from the public, is incivility and non-compliance with the Victims code, but still a growing phenomenon is the use of Face Book! No matter how many times we have published articles in relation to the use of Face Book it would seem that officers are determined to cause trouble for themselves, some of which are starting to result in sanctions being handed out.

Although not a user of this social networking site I have been told that there are a lot of good things that can be achieved, but all I am hearing at the moment are bad news stories, where officers are falling short of the professional standards of behaviour expected by the comments being posted in relation to Constabulary activities and personnel. An academic by the name of Kolb talks about how the majority of adults learn through experience and by reflecting upon that experience. Unfortunately I believe that having tried to warn our adults as to the dangers of face book through Blueprint and Bulletins, the only way for any learning now will be through experience, by which time it mean an officer’s conduct being looked at!