Over the last couple of months there have been a variety of rumours spread regarding an increase to Federation subscriptions. The Federation nationally is currently participating in an independent review of the subscription income and expenditure, fund rules and regulations, and the flow of funding.

This review is being conducted by an Independent financial company called BDO LLP, who have made several recommendations, one of which is an increase in the annual subscriptions, which we have not had since 2008.

This recommendation has been formulated into an emergency motion to conference, which is where any alterations to the subscriptions as to be discussed and voted on. The amount that is being recommended by BDO is £1.30 per week, whilst the anticipated amount being spoken of is 93p per week, which after tax relief will probably amount to a total of approx 65p per week.

With almost certainty some of you reading this will be talking about withdrawing from the Federation if subscriptions are to rise. Before those of you who do decide to take this course of action please consider the implications of being without an insurance policy! Having to buy your own diary in December doesn’t create the same hole in your finances as having to pay legal fees would. Unless you are one of those unfortunate enough to have had to call the Federation for advice or support regarding something as simple as Reg 22 duty changes, to working through the stages of unsatisfactory performance or finding yourself at a Misconduct Meeting or Hearing, you are probably amongst many who think the Federation simply means a free diary! The Federation is so much more than a diary, and if this increase is voted in, please don’t make a rash decision to try and save 65p per week!