“I am working on a project which aims to bring to life the stories behind the cases police officers have been involved in over the last 30 years.

As well as speaking to officers from York and North Yorkshire, I am also looking to contact those from police forces across the UK and compile their personal recollections about the one case they have worked on during their career which particularly stands out in their minds and sticks in their memories.

The scope for my project is extremely wide-ranging. It could be a case which has never been solved, one which took many years to reach its conclusion, a particularly harrowing case or simply one which continues to mean something to an officer for a entirely personal reason. It can be a case which is well-known and has been widely-publicised, or one which many people may not even be aware of and which never hit the headlines.

I am hoping to speak to as many officers from North Yorkshire and across the UK as possible, particularly those who have either retired or are due to retire over the next year or so and would like to reflect on their career. However, I would greatly welcome recollections from serving officers of all ages and ranks.

The format would be a brief introduction giving the background to the case, written by myself with full input and details from the officer concerned, and then words written by the officer – an in-your-own-words piece – explaining precisely why it stood out for them. I guess each piece would be an estimate of about 400- 600 words but wit can be as short/long as the officer would like.

I would be extremely grateful to any officers who would like to be involved in this project and are prepared to take the time to engage with it, or to those who could pass on this information and my contact details to other serving and/or retired officers who would be happy to speak about a particular case and share their experiences.

I will, of course, be more than happy to keep those who wish to be involved in the project updated with its progress. I hope you will be able to help me compile this account of how police work can leave an indelible and personal mark on the lives of officers.

I can be contacted at jennifer.bell@thepress.co.uk and look forward to hopefully hearing from as many officers as possible.

Jennifer Bell

Senior Crime Reporter”

York Evening Press