Due to Operational Commitments your IBB representatives were unable to meet the Blueprint Conference Edition deadline.

The below attachment is a précis of the important things coming out of Conference for the Inspecting ranks.

Ian Trueman the ICC General Secretary gave an update of the issues currently facing Inspectors and Chief Inspectors across the country. It would be fair to say that there is still a lot going on but that we now know the direction most of the Winsor changes are taking.

The key message from the presentation was many Inspectors desire to re-examine the 1994 agreement on overtime. It would appear that across the country many are still working excessive hours and this is not being properly recompensed. The 1994 agreement was designed to buy out additional hours worked. It could be argued that this is in effect After Normal Duty (AND) overtime. It was not intended to pay for roistered hours regularly in excess of 40 hours per week.

It would be fair to say that in the main the problem seems much worse in larger forces than smaller ones but in forces such as ours there is still a balance to be struck. Inspectors and Chief inspectors are often their own worst enemies when it comes to working excessive hours, but the message is clear. We have a responsibility to effectively manage our staffs working time and we should apply similar rigor to ensuring we don’t work excessive hours and ensure that we are fit mentally and physically to perform duty.

Inspectors and Chief inspectors are advised to keep a log of additional hours worked so that they can seek to balance this out with their line managers over a reasonable period. That period will vary dependant on many factors but monthly reviews are a good idea. Although we should not keep overtime cards as we are not entitled to claim overtime aiming to keep within the force policy for time owed is a good way of preventing matters getting out of hand.

Nationally the federation will be holding a series of surveys and focus groups across the country looking at the problem. This work is called ‘time for justice’. Details can be found on the federation website. The aim of this study is to raise awareness of the risks of ill health, wellbeing and organisational performance that arise from working long hours as well as developing interventions to improve the situation.

We recommend Officers take part in the survey to give the work a balanced and meaningful picture of the situation for the Inspecting rank.