Police Officers are entitled to take reasonable time off in order to take action which is necessary:-

  1. To provide assistance to a dependant who falls ill, gives birth or is injured or assaulted;
  2. To make arrangements for the provision of care for a dependant who is ill or injured;
  3. In consequence of the death of a dependant;
  4. Because of the unexpected disruption or termination of arrangements for the care of a dependant;
  5. To deal with an incident which involves a child of the member and which occurs unexpectedly in a period during which an educational establishment which the child attends is responsible for him.

Time off to care for dependants under these provisions will be treated as duty.

Although the situation which generates the leave does not necessarily have to be an ‘emergency’; whether an officer is entitled to such leave will turn on whether it is “necessary” for them to take time off for one of the reasons above. Depending on the circumstances this may include events in the future. The case of Royal Bank of Scotland plc v Harrison may assist on this point. If necessary legal advice should be sought in respect of individual situations. This can be obtained through the Federation Office.