As with every department within the Force, the Federation Office did not escape the restructure. Instead of there being 3 full time Principal Officers at Hucclecote, we now only have two, the Chair and Secretary.

Due to the restructure we have had to review our current working practises, which for some of you who are in regular contact with the office, will at first seem like a drastic change. We have always prided ourselves on how we endeavour to respond to every telephone call and e mail in a prompt fashion, however if we are to be able to complete our responsibilities to both our members and the organisation at a strategic level; we can no longer allow telephone enquiries to be our priority within the office. We now have to make changes to the way we operate, and look at what we need to be doing rather than what we want to de doing, which in an ideal world would be to continue answering every day enquiries whilst having the time to challenge MPs, conduct research, read papers and attend Force meetings, on your behalf, fully prepared. We realise that we can’t do everything, it isn’t fair on you in terms of our abilities to represent you at Force meetings and it isn’t fair on the 30 Board members who do not get as much exposure to Federation issues as they would want to or need to in order to gain invaluable experience, providing a sound future for Gloucestershire Police Federation.

In future to gain an answer from the Federation, or have representation the first port of call should be to ASK your local Fed Rep, or BROWSE our internet site for the answer, or as a last resort, rather than the default position CALL the office. We will be operating an answer phone system, where the messages will be checked on a periodical basis. These messages will then be responded to in the appropriate manner.

A ask your Fed Rep, B browse the Gloucester Police Federation Website or C call the office and leave a message, it really is as easy as ABC.