We were also expecting a decision today on pensions but both sides have agreed to further dialogue.

Ian Rennie said:

“You will be aware that the Home Secretary’s letter of 3rd July 2012 indicated that her officials and representatives of both Sides of PNB should continue discussions to achieve ‘an agreed framework for a reformed police pension scheme’ by 24th July”.

“These discussions have continued and at the PNB meeting today it was agreed that there will be further dialogue. We are working extremely hard to get the best pension scheme possible for police officers”.

Although dialogue is continuing it is clear that this Government will bring in a new scheme by April 2015. Although this would require a change in the pension regulations (specifically in relation to schedule 2 which says that any new scheme cannot be worse than the current scheme) there is no doubt that they will simply vote through such a change in Parliament. The Federation will challenge any changes if there is a challenge available. However you need to be aware that the Government are hell bent on making this change and what is worse is that they have the means to do it. This is why it is so important to contact your MP because they will at some point be voting on this.