The Chief Constable announced earlier this week that he would not be using A19 in this Force. We would like to thank the Chief Constable for listening to and taking account of the representations that were made during the consultation period by the Police Federation and the Superintendants Association. 

PAT Decision – Winsor 1

We still await a decision from the Home Secretary. We understand that when the answer comes, it will be accompanied by determinations which will outline how the Home Office interpret the various parts of Winsor 1 and the PAT findings, that is of course, assuming that she doesn’t just impose Winsor in its’ entirety. We expect the Home Secretary to make a decision soon.

The Police Arbitration Panel recommended that their proposals, if ratified, are brought in as soon as possible or by April 1st at the latest. Any officer who would be able to apply for a Competency Related Threshold Payment (CRTP) within the next few months is advised to put their application in now. Applications can be submitted six months ahead of the time that an officer would reach the required pay band. Once the recommendation is agreed there will be a two year freeze on CRTP applications.   

Winsor 2

The Winsor 2 report, which we understand runs into many hundreds of pages, was due around the end of this month. It seems it has been delayed and, as it has been written assuming that all parts of Winsor 1 would be implemented, some parts of it may have to be re-visited should Winsor 1 not be implemented in full. His report is now not expected until mid February.


Despite speculation, we have no confirmation of any changes to our pension schemes. The industrial action taken by the public service unions in November, despite claims by Danny Alexander that agreement had been reached, is likely to continue and the outcome of that will likely have an effect on our scheme. We suspect that there will be a 1.2% increase in contribution rates from 1st April, but I must emphasise that there is no confirmation of this, or anything else to do with pensions. We may get further information following the publication of Winsor 2. 

Professional Body for Policing

The Govt are pressing ahead with the formation of a professional body which they see as professionalising the service. The Federation position is that we do not support a professional body, however it is forging ahead and the Home Office want it in place by the end of this year, despite being advised by most of the stakeholders that the timescale is unrealistic.

Our stance is that membership to the body must be voluntary, free of subscription and any training provided by the body must be free to the individual officer. 

Visiting MP’s

At the risk of repeating myself could I ask again that you visit your MP and outline the difficulties we are facing because of this Government’s policies. If enough of us keep on at them they may start to take notice.