The diaries are due to be delivered from the printers this week – we will get them sent out as soon as possible.

Gloucestershire Police Poll

You should have received an email from the Federation regarding the first Gloucestershire Police Federation Poll.

We would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete this.

If you have not received this please let us know.

Winsor Police Arbitration Tribunal

The second Police Arbitration Tribunal concluded on the 22nd November.

The PAT normally report within 28 days but this can be extended. Further updates will be given when they are available but it may well be that we don’t get a result until the New Year.


An offer was made to the public sector unions around current pension arrangements being honoured for those within 10 years of being able to receive their pension. Although this offer has been put on hold due to the recent strikes it is our understanding that this offer will also be made to the police. We will continue to update you as and when further information comes to light.