Flint House launched its own monthly charity lottery in August 2010, since then 10 draws have taken place and to date 70 lucky winners have had a surprise cheque drop through their letterbox shortly after the 28th of each month.  The Flint House Jackpot Lottery scheme enables the Centre to raise funds, but also offers participants the chance to win monthly cash prizes.

To participate in the lottery is £1 per entry per month.

Entrants are allocated with a five digit lottery that remains yours for as long as you keep playing.  You can purchase more than one entry if you wish.  Every month the lucky winners are selected at random and the prize cheques issued and posted directly to the winners so there is no need for a claim.

Using direct debit payment or a cheque for a set period means that to enter no-one has to travel to collect a ticket each week or can forget to buy a ticket.

There is a guaranteed monthly jackpot of £1,000 as well as 1 x £200, 1 x £100 and 4 x £50 cash prizes.

Please visit our website for further information and entry forms www.flinthouse.co.uk