Many of you will have been assisting with Mutual Aid requests from other Forces.

I can confirm that the day of travel to a Mutual Aid deployment is subject to the Hertfordshire Agreement. All hours are paid at the appropriate rate except sleeping time (8 hours in each 24). As our force day is 0700hrs to 0700hrs this means that the sleeping time is from 2300hrs to 0700hrs. So on the day of deployment the hours up to 2300hrs are payable. This means that if you were on a 0700hrs to 1700hrs duty on the day of deployment you would get overtime from 1700hrs until 2300hrs at time and a third. If your normal duty had been 1000hrs to 1800hrs you would get overtime at time and a third from 1800hrs until 2300hrs. If you were working a cancelled rest day all hours from when you booked on until 2300hrs would be overtime at either time and a half or double time. It matters not whether you were deployed on arrival or not. If you work a part of the “sleep” period this would also be paid.