The first meeting of the PNB Pay & Conditions Working Group took place on the 6th April at the Office of Manpower and Economics.

You will be aware that the Home Secretary has decided to send the Winsor recommendations to PNB in their entirety. At the time of the above meeting the letter of direction from the Home Secretary to PNB was still awaited. However this has since been received and includes a requirement of PNB to consider and agree such recommendations by the 26th July 2011. This is an extremely challenging timescale.

Dates have been agreed for the working group to meet on a weekly basis from week commencing the 9th May 2011.

Chief Constables are already factoring the changes into their financial plans. It is important to say that officers’ pay & conditions (including their’s) are negotiated through the Police Negotiating Board. Please be assured that the Federation will defend our current pay & conditions robustly, including recourse to legal action if appropriate.