Meal breaks should ideally be planned between the 4th and 5th hour of a particular duty. Should a meal break be interrupted by a grade 1 call then the meal break should be resumed at the first available opportunity. The only time that compensatory time can be claimed is if there is no opportunity to take a meal break during a particular shift. The compensatory time does not apply simply because a break could not be taken between the 4th and 5th hour.

If you are requested to attend a grade 1 whilst on a break it is reasonable to ask if any other resource is available. If none is available you must attend immediately. There is no requirement for the operator to obtain authorisation to deploy you to a grade 1.

If an officer’s meal is spoilt due to being called out they can claim a refreshment allowance to obtain a replacement meal. This claim must be reasonable and receipted.

Please remember the importance of updating your status at all times.