December 2010


The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) welcomes this opportunity to provide a supplementary submission to the Independent Review of Police Officers’ and Staff Remuneration and Conditions. Having had the opportunity to consider the points made by other stakeholders in their initial submissions to the Review, the PFEW takes the opportunity in this submission to address some of those points, while also providing further evidence in support of the positions set out in its own initial submission.

The PFEW is a body which exists by statute to represent and promote the interests and welfare of our members and the efficiency of the police service. It is incumbent upon the PFEW that it meets these objectives in support of the wider service delivery by police forces themselves. It will no doubt be clear to the Independent Reviewer that, in making our initial submission, the PFEW endeavoured to evidence its positions as far as it could within the challenging timescale provided. Given that the terms of reference for the Review state that recommendations should be costed and of sufficient detail to enable effective implementation, the PFEW was disappointed that many of the submissions from other key stakeholders appear to lack the proper degree of evidence in support of their assertions or costings for their proposals.

The PFEW would also point out that, in developing its initial submission, we undertook a thorough process of consultation despite a necessarily short timeframe. The final submission was endorsed by a full meeting of the PFEW Joint Central Committee, following discussion amongst the constituent parts of the PFEW. Following its publication, the PFEW submission was widely welcomed by our membership. We do not believe that all of the major stakeholder submissions have been through the same process of internal consultation nor command the same degree of support across their respective organisations. In attempting to reach a set of recommendations, the PFEW believes it is vital that those recommendations should command the support of those working throughout the police service if they are to be implemented effectively.