The Winsor 1 recommendations have had effect since the 1st April 2012. We are currently in negotiation with the Force to agree an interpretation of these changes to Regulations. However we need to bring some of the main points to everyone’s attention because some of the changes will have an immediate impact on officers.

  1. Competency Related Threshold Allowance (CRTP) is now suspended to new applications. Those officers who are already in receipt of CRTP or were eligible for it before the 1st April will still be able to claim the allowance.
  2. Incremental pay is now frozen for two years except for those officers below pay point 3 who will continue to get it until they reach pay point 3.
  3. Cancelled rest days with less than 15 days notice will now only be paid at time and a half. A cancelled rest day with more than 15 days notice will be rerostered. Double time will no longer be paid for a cancelled rest day with less than 5 days notice.
  4. If you work a bank holiday it will continue to be paid at double time.
  5. Special Priority Payments (SPP’s) have now been abolished. Further information will follow with regards to payments for the first three months of this year which were still subject to an SPP.
  6. A decision has not yet been made as to how the Unsocial Hours Allowance will be paid. The choice the Force have is to either pay for the hours actually worked or pay a monthly allowance based on the shift pattern that an officer works.Whatever is decided it is unlikely that systems will be in place to make any payments this month. Officers are advised to record the hours that they work between 8pm and 6am in anticipation of this decision.