The Police Federation of England and Wales have asked for a pay increase of 3.4% for all Officers in 2018. An evidenced-based request in line with national inflation.

Sarah Johnson, Chair of Gloucestershire Police Federation agrees with the PFEW’s request. She said: “Once gain the Police Federation of England and Wales have submitted a fair and evidence-based submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB).

“A 3.4% increase is to enable officers to maintain the standard of living in 2018 and does not take into account the effect reductions in pay due to pay freezes and pay caps that have been in place for the preceding three years.”

The NPCC have disregarded the PFEW evidence based suggestion, and instead suggested a 2% increase. Sarah continues with why this is so frustrating: “For The National Police Chiefs’ Council to suggest a 2% increase, with no mention of consolidating 1% from last year, does not strike a balance but insults the officers, my members, who tirelessly continue to try to do deliver a service they can be proud of whilst their remuneration continues to be eroded.

“My hope it that the PRRB genuinely looks at the evidence provided and does the right thing by properly and fairly awarding the 3.4% that police officers deserve.”

The Police Remuneration Review Body will consider evidence submitted by interested parties – Police Chiefs, Police and Crime commissioners and Staff Associations – and then advise the Home Secretary, who will make all final decisions on pay.

A decision is likely to come this summer – prior to the pay rise being introduced in September 2018.