Mike Harrison, Chairman of Gloucestershire Police Federation, reacts to Prime Minister Theresa May’s impending departure.

Mike said: “I have thought about what I could say that was positive about Theresa May and her time in office both as Prime Minister and Home Secretary but I am frankly struggling.

“When she became Home Secretary in 2010 there were 143,734 police officers in England and Wales. As she exits as Prime Minister there are now 122,395. 21,339 fewer.

“There are also 15,894 fewer members of police staff.

“Theresa May has systematically decimated the Police Service. The cuts for which she is responsible for have seen our communities lose vital police numbers and have frankly left the Public at risk as a result.

“Hopefully her successor as Prime Minister will take policing seriously and inject the numbers and funding that is badly needed for the sake of policing and the public.”