College of Policing stats showing there are 51 crimes reported for every officer in England and Wales is a symptom of officers having to ‘do more with less’.

The figure is up from 35 crimes being committed for every officer in 2013/14, an increase which held no surprises for Gloucestershire Police Federation Chairman Mike Harrison.

He blames the rise on Government cuts and said the continued squeeze on police budgets was now having an impact on officer health and wellbeing.

“Our members are working harder and ever, they are carrying higher workloads and being expected to do more with less,” he said.

“It’s having a knock-on effect on the health and wellbeing of the service with more and more staff falling ill, not just with fatigue but with serious mental health conditions brought about as a result of Government cuts to the service. 

“Why does the Government not supply more to meet the demand? 

“For a number of years, the police service has been treated with disdain by consecutive Home Secretaries and the Prime Minister, who let’s face it, have turned a blind eye to rising crime figures, police morale and public safety. 

“Our current Home Secretary has stood up for our conditions but seems to have been knocked back by the cabinet again. It shows exactly how the Government actually view us in policing.”