Positive steps are being taken in Gloucestershire to boost officer wellbeing after a new report revealed that 80% of officers see morale as low across the force.

Sarah Johnson, Chair of Gloucestershire Police Federation, said the figure from the PFEW Pay and Morale Survey 2018 wasn’t surprising given the pay cuts officers have had to deal with it.

Having fewer colleagues around is also to blame, she added.

“Resources in the county are absolutely stretched and that’s the hardest thing,” she said.

“There’s too much to do with the staff we’ve got, and we can’t recruit enough to have the number our finances say we can.

“We are well below that figure and while we have 120 new recruits who are supposed to be coming in it won’t be before the end of 2021 before there’s any positive benefit to officers on the ground right now.”

Health screening for all officers will be made available before Christmas she said, as part of the supportive leadership and wellbeing work being carried out in the force.

She added:

“There are fitness and wellbeing challenges and the screening will happen for everyone who wants it and the force is taking the wellbeing of staff very seriously.

“There’s leadership training for first- and second-line managers in welfare which perhaps should be for all managers as sometimes those who are making the strategic decisions need to have an overview of how decisions will affect staff at every level.

“As an overview, compared to the national statistic, and in terms of the wellbeing and the morale work, we’re quite well up in the league table in Gloucestershire.”