Police officers have every right to feel “slightly cheated” by the Government after the announcement of a 2% pay rise from 1 September.

That is the view of Gloucestershire Police Federation Chair Sarah Johnson, who said the Government are not treating police officers fairly.

The Government announced this morning that all police officers would get a 2% pay rise from 1 September.

However, because last year’s pay award consisted of a 1% rise and a 1% one-off bonus, that means that officers are effectively only getting another 1% in their pay packets.

Extra funds to pay for the award will also have to be found from force coffers, the Government has announced.

Sarah added:

“The independent PRRB have once again been ignored, and the 2% consolidated award announced today does not take into account the 1% non-consolidated last year.

“Effectively police officers have received a 1% pay increase on last year’s consolidated award.

“Any increase is welcomed but what has been awarded remains lower than inflation and is therefore, once again, a pay cut in real terms for police officers.

“My members continue to work on the absolute limit of capacity and this award does not thank them fully for doing so and they will have every right to feel slightly cheated.

“We are well past the time that the public sector continue to pay for the Government’s spends of yesteryear; my members are asked to treat the public fairly every day, yet they are not afforded the same courtesy from Government.”