The Chair of Gloucestershire Police Federation has called on the next Government to respect the Police Service and officers and staff that serve every day to keep the public safe from harm.

Sarah Johnson was speaking as Party’s travel the country in the run up to the next General Election on June 8.

She said:

“We hear after tragic events how my members are brave, courageous and run towards danger when all others are running away. These reactionary comments are welcomed and justified yet the response is still to cut resources, increase demand whether directly with new legislation to implement or indirectly by our partners in other agency not being able to deal with their work so the police have to pick up the pieces.

“The Police Remuneration Review Body, an independent advisory body sponsored by the Home Office, annually acknowledges and accepts the evidence put forward for a fair agreement on remuneration, yet regardless of this evidence the maximum pay uplift has been 1%. Is the really independent?”

Sarah concluded:

“My request to the next Government is that it treats police officers – who hold the Office of Constable – in a manner that is fair and respectful and to show that you understand how much each and every officers gives every single day whether on duty or not.”