Christmas and New Year are a challenging time for police officers as – when most people are enjoying time with friends and family – policing demand increases while resources are really stretched.

In a festive message to members Sarah Johnson, Chair of Gloucestershire Police Federation, praised the hard work and “can do” attitude of colleagues.

Sarah said:

“Christmas, for the majority of the public, is all about spending time with their loved ones, going out and enjoying themselves, and for certain parts of the community it’s about over-indulgence in various areas, which generally means that there’s additional incidents for the police to deal with.

“And this increase in demand is coupled with the face that police officers themselves want to be with their family and their loved ones.

“Sadly on the bank holidays, especially Christmas Day, there’s an increase in numbers of domestic violence, generally, it’s additional incidents that need to be dealt with. New Year’s Eve is the biggest party of the year and it’s a normal working day for police officers, so when most people are allowed downtime, the resources are really stretched within policing.”

Sarah praised Gloucestershire Police for their hard work.

“They most definitely rise to the challenge,” she said. “They will do the best job they can with the resources available and hope that everybody will have a good time.

“So to my colleagues, it’s a huge thank you for the work that they do, not only over the festive period but all year round. Their dedication to turning up day in, day out, under ever testing circumstances is magnificent and they are a credit to the community, their families and to themselves.”