Gloucestershire Police officers would be better protected from assaults and complaints if body cameras were fully introduced at the force.

“Pictures can paint a thousand words – and when people know they are being videoed, they will adjust their behaviour accordingly,” said Sarah Johnson, Chair of Gloucestershire Police Federation.

“One of the results of officers having body cameras is a reduction in police assaults – and that has to be a good thing.”

As well as protecting officers from assault, a study by the University of Cambridge earlier this year, found a 93 per cent decrease in complaints made against officers clearly wearing the cameras.

Some police officers on the streets of Gloucestershire will be seen wearing body-cameras – as a result of joint working with Avon and Somerset Police and Wiltshire Police – but others will not.

“We want to see more officers in Gloucestershire being issued with the body-worn cameras,” added Mrs Johnson. “With body-worn cameras, officers are protected from physical attacks and from malicious complaints.

“Research has shown there is a reduction in complaints made or complaints disproved at an early stage because of body-worn cameras. The cameras also provide better evidence in all prosecution cases.

“All in all, their use is better for police officers and the public alike.”