As many of you will know PC Dave Phillips was tragically killed on duty when he was knocked down by a stolen vehicle in October last year. Yesterday saw his killer, Clayton Williams, sentenced for his death in Manchester Crown court for Manslaughter.

Many of you have kindly advertised and purchased a ‘Dave Phillips Memorial badge’ which have been sold at a cost of £5 over the last couple of months. For that I thank you.

The funds raised will go to his family that he leaves behind, Wife Jen and daughters Sophie and Abigail ages 7 and 3. These children will grow up with only distant memories of their father.

Despite my best efforts, to date we have only managed to sell 2,700 of the original 3,000 purchased. Around 300 still remain. I was hoping to sell more however at this time I would be happy just to sell the remaining badges that we bought. A website has been set up for colleagues and members of the public outside of Merseyside to purchase a badge. Having kindly advertised the badges to your members previously, can I ask that you advertise this again, for one last time on my behalf in the hope that we can sell the remaining badges. Hopefully if they all sell, through badge sales and donations, Dave’s class mates will have raised in excess of £15,000 for the Phillips family.

Yesterday in court, Jen Phillips (the wife of Dave) said the following in her Victim impact statement.

The actions of Mr. Williams have dramatically affected and impacted my life. Since the night Mr. Williams killed my husband I find it difficult to sleep most nights. I was prescribed sleeping tablets by my GP, but had to stop taking them, as my children needed me during the night and the side effects (dizziness/nausea) became too much. When I do sleep, I’m either dreaming of my husband alive, blissfully unaware what has happened, both of us happy together or in a very light sleep, to the point of hearing everything around me.

I have had to give up work due to childcare, to me not being able to face going back and the worry of everyone recognizing me (my clientele).

As police we are very good at supporting our own in times of need. Please could you send this email to as many members as you can, in the hope that I can sell the remaining badges and support our colleague’s family. They have not only been devastated financially but more importantly they have been devastated at the loss of their husband and father.

Below is the link to the website where the badges can be purchased. The link may not work from some force systems and may need to be copied into a civilian browser.

Thank you in advance for your help and support in memory of our colleague Dave Phillips.