Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) Remit

I write following the Chief Secretary to the Treasury’s letter of 29 July confirming the Government’s approach to public sector pay for 2015/16. I look forward to seeing the PRRB’s consideration of police officer pay and conditions, for the first time based on your objective, independent and comprehensive assessment of the evidence. I am confident that you will help deliver pay and conditions that are not only fair to police officers, but are fair to the public as well. You are aware that this remit is in addition, and complementary, to your remit in relation to the National Crime Agency. You also expect a remit from the Minister for Justice, Northern Ireland.

In considering your recommendations I would ask you to have regard to:

  1. The need to ensure that the proposals reflect the Government’s policy on public sector pay, for average awards in 2015/16 of up to 1 %;
  2. The Government’s continued commitment to maximising flexibility for chief constables and Police and Crime Commissioners to manage their workforce in the most efficient way possible at a local level;
  3. The role and nature of the office of constable in British policing;
  4. The prohibition on police officers being members of a trade union or withdrawing their labour;
  5. The need to recruit, retain and motivate (including to seek promotion) suitably able and qualified officers that reflect the communities they serve;
  6. The affordability of any recommendations;
  7. The levels of pay for operational police leaders, especially in respect of Chief Superintendents and coherence of pay with the chief officer ranks; and
  8. The work of the College of Policing in identifying skills requirements at the various levels in policing.

You will be aware that the recommendations of Tom Winsor’s Independent Review of Police Officer and Staff Remuneration and Conditions have strongly influenced the Government’s approach in this area. In shaping your remit for this first year and the five year programme for the body, I set out below a number of issues from the Winsor Review that were specifically deferred for the PRRB to consider.

I refer for your consideration in this first remit:

  1. What adjustments should be made to pay and allowances for police officers up to and including the rank of Chief Superintendent, having regard to the Government’s policy that public sector pay awards in 2015/16 average up to 1%;
  2. Whether the additional amount paid to the inspecting ranks in the London forces (“the London lead”) should be retained;
  3. Observations on the level and scope of existing arrangements for differentiation of police officer pay and allowances at the regional and local level, with a view to making substantive recommendations in subsequent years, with a focus on local labour markets.

The remit of the PRRB will inevitably develop over the coming years. This will reflect the continuing need for the police to have an effective, efficient and flexible workforce to deliver best value for taxpayers’ money. Given your strategic role on police pay, I would welcome your initial comments on priorities for a five year work programme jncluding those i_ssues deferred by the Winsor review for the PRRB to consider:

  1. Review the national on-call allowance;
  2. Consider whether to increase the gap between the constable and sergeant pay scales, and between the inspector and chief inspector scales;
  3. Consider whether there is a case for the buy-out of sergeants’ casual overtime;
  4. Consider the impact of changes to the management of officers on limited duties, including reviewing the value of the deployment component of the X-­factor;
  5. Assess the feasibility of attaining a greater degree of coherence between the terms and conditions of police officers and police staff.

I look forward to receiving your recommendations no later than 19 June 2015.

The Rt Hon Theresa May MP