You will by now be aware of the request from the Chief Officers Group and PCC’s  leadership team for a forty five day review considering the options available for the  Constabulary’s future operating structure.

A small team, including Supt McCarthy and PC Steve James, have been asked to  undertake this review and one of their primary functions is to start consulting with  you the practitioners regarding your experiences and views.

The force has gone through considerable change to date and although this may look  like just another review please be assured that this time you will be listened to and if  something is obviously not going to work it won’t be done without a strong business  case? This is an opportunity to take stock and seize opportunities to deliver an  improved, if not an excellent service for the public.

To that end, I would encourage you to engage with the project team by telling them  what works and what doesn’t  in your area of business.  Please can you email your  views on how we might all work more effectively to