With Simon Todd being successful with his quest to gain promotion we have recently appointed a new Health and Safety lead in the form of Miles Ajinkya.

In the office we have noticed that there has been a sharp decline in the reported number of assaults on Constabulary members. This can be for a variety of reasons

  • OST training is far better than it used to be, and that officers are now making effective use of this training?
  • Hostility towards Police Officers has decreased dramatically, even during the night- time drink fuelled economy?
  • With the introduction of tazer, not so many of our customers want to engage in anything other than a conversation?
  • The way we interact with people is far better?
  • We have stopped reporting assaults for a variety of reasons ranging from pride, accidental assault or the current bureaucratic process, which relies upon the officer’s line manager to complete?

If it is anything similar to the latter and assaults on police are still happening, whether deliberate or through a reckless act our advice is to report it, and insist on it being crimed. Without doing this at the time the Federation will not know if there are any Health and Safety issues in terms of kit, training and levels of resourcing, which need to be looked at and or investigations to be conducted. Nor will you be protected in years to come if you suffer from any “illness or inability” that can be attributed to the injury received during the assault. Nor will you be able to make any claims without the assault being crimed, especially if the assault was through recklessness.

Don’t be proud, report any injuries received whilst carrying out your duty and report any assaults, insisting on R73 being completed and crimes being recorded.