tricare-health-fund-logoThe TriCare Health Fund offers cover for the cost of treatment of short term acute conditions in private hospitals or as a private patient in an NHS Hospital.

The cost of some complimentary therapies may also be covered.

TriCare Health Fund has been established by the Police Federations of Gloucestershire, West Yorkshire and West Mercia to administer their discretionary health funds. We believe we offer excellent value for money comparing the cost of premiums and the amount of coverage on offer; however, as with all health funds, there are some exclusions.

The Federation Health Scheme is not an ‘insured scheme’. It is your own scheme, financed solely by the subscriptions of the members and benefits are payable at the discretion of the Scheme’s Management Committee. It is therefore in your own interests to use the scheme sensibly. The Fund Manager has been appointed to monitor and process claims for benefit with a view to exercising a degree of control over spending and to secure the long term viability of the scheme.

For all the latest details of what Tricare offers please take a look at their website