Gloucestershire Constabulary Benevolent Fund

Members of the Fund subscribe until attaining the age of 60 (£2.00 per month) and are then considered ‘paid up’ members.

The aims and objectives of the Fund is where deemed by the Committee to be reasonable and appropriate, where due to sickness, bereavement or other cause over which they have no control,  to provide financial assistance to any Member, Widow or Widower and Dependent children.

The Fund also pays travelling expenses and out of pocket expenses for any member (also members spouse/partner or other person) of the Fund who is admitted as a patient to a Police Rehabilitation Centre.

To join please complete this form: COUNTY TREASURER (Year 1 2 version) (3)

The Fund provides monetary gifts to Widows, Widowers and Dependent children of former members and in exceptional circumstances where members are in need of financial assistance on welfare grounds interest free loans.


  1. NAME
    The Fund shall be known as “The Gloucestershire Constabulary Benevolent Fund” and hereinafter called “The Fund”.
  2. MEMBERSHIP The members of the fund shall be:
    1. All regular members of the Gloucestershire
      Constabulary who are paying the monthly subscription to the fund.
    2. All subscribing members of the Fund who are subsequently Pensioned by the Force and continue to pay subscriptions until attaining the age of 60 years, being then considered a “Paid up” Member and hereinafter called a “Member”, and thereafter no longer need to pay subscriptions.
    The aims and objects of the Fund shall be:

    1. In cases, as deemed by the Committee to be reasonable and appropriate, where due to Illness or injury, bereavement or other cause over which they have no control, to provide a grant to any Member, Widow or Widower and Dependent children of such Members and surviving member to include members and dependents within a civil partnership.
    2. To provide agreed travelling expenses for any member of the Fund who is admitted, as a patient to a Police Rehabilitation Centre, together with an agreed sum to cover ‘out of pocket’ expenses.
    3. To provide facilities for interest free loans to Benevolent Fund Members. These loans are only to be given in exceptional circumstances and where the Committee deem the request to be reasonable and appropriate.Terms of repayment to be mutually agreed and signed by the member and a representative of the Committee. This agreement is to be reviewed periodically.
      The approval of the Committee shall be required to make payment under (a) and (c) above.
      The Committee are sole adjudicators, and their decisions are final.
    The Chief Constable shall be President of the Fund and the Deputy Chief Constable shall be Vice President.The President and the Vice President shall be entitled to attend all Annual and Extraordinary General meetings of the Fund and shall be given due notice of all such meetings together with copies of any agendas or reports to be discussed at such meetings.The day-to-day management of the Fund shall be undertaken by a Committee, each member of which is, or has been (in the case of a Police Pensioner) a contributing member of the Fund.

    1. The Committee shall comprise:
      1. Elected Members (6)
        6 serving officers of the Gloucestershire Constabulary
      2. Appointed Members (4)
        • A representative of the Superintendents Association
        • A representative of the Police Federation
        • Two representatives of Gloucestershire Branch of NARPO

        The Committee shall be deemed quorate when a minimum of 4 members are present.

    2. Officers of the Committee
      1. The Committee shall elect a Chair, Vice Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
    3. Election or Appointment of Committee Members
      1. Representatives from the constituent areas of the Constabulary, as set out in Rule 4a (1) shall be elected by the Fund members.  The term of office shall be three years, when fresh elections shall be held.  Representatives may seek immediate re-election.  The Secretary shall be responsible for the conduct and organisation of these elections.
      2. The representatives from the Superintendents’ Association, the Police Federation and Gloucestershire Branch of NARPO will be nominated by their organisations.  There is no set term of Office and the appointment may be changed, at any time, by the appointing organisation.
    4. Meetings of the Committee
      1. The Annual General Meeting of the Fund shall be held in the second quarter of each calendar year and the Secretary shall circulate details, at least two weeks before the date.  A report of the finances of the Fund shall be presented by the Treasurer.
      2. The Committee shall meet as required to conduct the business of the Fund.  A Quorum shall be a minimum of four members.
      3. All members of the Committee shall have an equal voice at all meetings and where voting is equal, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
      4. Notwithstanding Rules 4d(i) and (ii), if the Chair decides that the decision(s) to be made are sufficiently non-contentious then ‘the meeting’ can be a virtual meeting, providing that the quorum can consider the issue at hand and reach agreement or otherwise to the proposal(s) either my email or by telephone.  When such decisions are made in this way the Secretary shall make a record of the issue decided and the persons making the decision, and such information shall be presented to the next full meeting of the Committee, or the AGM, whichever takes place next.
      5. The Committee may establish Working Groups for any purpose, as it sees fit, but such Groups shall only have power to report their findings back to the full Committee.
      6. Committee members and Officers of the fund may be reimbursed actual expenses incurred in attending to and carrying out the business of the Fund.
  5. Duties of Officers
    1. Chair and Vice Chair – the Chair, or in their absence the Vice Chair, shall take the Chair at all meetings of the Committee, A.G.M. and (if required) an E.G.M.
    2. Secretary – the Secretary shall produce minutes for the recording of all Committee meetings and decisions and to receive all applications and correspondence, and to distribute, where appropriate to committee members.
    3. Treasurer – shall pay all amounts granted by the Committee, or Annual General Meeting, actual expenses incurred by Committee members in attending Fund meetings, and shall produce annual accounts and provide, to the Auditor, any explanation they may require, respecting the accounts. (Function performed by the Secretary on behalf of Treasurer. The Treasurer shall present the audited accounts and other relevant documents or returns to the Annual Meeting of the Fund.
  6. Annual Audit of Accounts
    The Annual General Meeting shall appoint Professional Auditor(s) who shall be given access to all relevant documents.  Such audited and signed accounts shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting of the Fund.
  7. Contributions
    The Annual General Meeting shall decide the level of contributions, which shall be paid monthly, having taken into account the Bank and Investment balances together with the estimated outgoings for the coming year.
  8. Commencement and Publication of these Rules
    These Rules shall come into operation on the 20th December 2006 and the Secretary shall publish copies as appropriate.
  9. Alteration of these Rules
    Notice, in writing, of any proposed alteration, amendment or rescinding of any of these Rules, must be sent to the Secretary who will place them before the next Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary Annual General Meeting called to discuss the changes.  Notice of such proposed changes shall be circulated to all Committee Members for onward broadcast to Members, not less than 14 days prior to the Meeting.  No Rule shall be altered, amended or rescinded without the consent of the majority of the persons present, and voting, at the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.
  10. Winding up, Amalgamation or Transfer of the Fund
    If, at any time, the Committee are of the opinion that, because of the re-organisation of the Force or the amalgamation of the Force with another Force, the objects of the fund could be more beneficially and conveniently attained in conjunction with some other organisation having similar objects, then the Committee shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Fund (to which all those who are subscribing or paid up members are invited) for the purpose of determining the manner in which the Fund shall be dealt with.

Revised Fund Rules as adopted at A.G.M. 8th May 2014