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Coronavirus response: Gloucestershire Police officers have shown a can-do attitude and a real team spirit

Ian White, Secretary of Gloucestershire Police Federation, has praised colleagues foir their fantastic response to the coronavirus crisis. “These are unprecedented times for policing as we know it, both locally and nationally,” said Ian. “From a policing perspective in Gloucestershire, officers and staff have responded magnificently in adapting to the Covid-19 threat. The Federation are […]

#CutsHaveConsequences “Police officers are working hard to do the best they can with the limited resources they have.”

“The Federation repeatedly warned the Government that the severity of cuts to police funding would have profound and long lasting cuts.” #CutsHaveConsequences Steve James, Vice-Chairman of Gloucestershire Police Federation, reacts to HMIC report “Noticeable differences between police and the service they provide” which has led to headlines this morning such as “Failing police ‘rumbled’ by […]

More officers and more experience needed in our Roads Policing department, says Gloucestershire Federation

Gloucestershire Police needs extra officers and more experience in its roads policing department, the force’s Federation has said. Insp Dan Wakefield, Gloucestershire Police Federation Representative and Roads Policing and Forensic Collision Investigator with the force, warned the force is facing an “experience gap”. He said: “At the moment I’m supposed to have 30 officers. Presently […]

Gloucestershire Police Federation works with the force to update 7-Point Plan

Gloucestershire Police Federation is working with the force to update its 7-Point Plan designed to tackle officer assaults. Officers who’d been the victims of assaults, officers who’d been involved in the prosecution of those who carried out assaults and other members of the force, attended the first meeting in January.    Ian White, Secretary of […]

Gloucestershire Police Officers deserve better pay and support

“What I’d like to see from the next government is a commitment to policing, to officer welfare and to increasing our numbers,” says Mike Harrison, Chairman of the Gloucestershire Police Federation. “It’s imperative that police officers are rewarded with the correct pay levels and that they get the proper support they need,” he adds. The […]