Tax Refunds for Gloucestershire Police Federation Members

Hundreds of Gloucestershire Police Federation members have now had money back by using the Federation’s tax refund service, provided by tax experts, Personal Taxation Services.

According to Personal Taxation Services, most members assume their employer had taken the right amount of tax under PAYE. With hundreds of members sharing over £8,800 of tax back, this would seem not to be the case.

You should not assume HMRC will just send you a refund if you have overpaid tax. It is up to you to check if you have paid too much. Please note HMRC regulations put a limit of 4 years on reclaiming your overpaid taxes. Any earlier overpayments will be lost.

If you have not checked your tax in the last 4 years, the main points you should note are:

  • This service is FREE if you don’t get a refund
  • For every £1 Personal Taxation Services successfully recover on your behalf you keep 61p
  • You keep ALL future savings if we get you a new tax code
  • You can’t lose by applying – no refund means no fee
  • HM Revenue will NOT be informed if Personal Taxation Services think you owe more tax

To find out if you are entitled to receive a tax refund, please Click Here