Take Control after Christmas

Now the fun and festivities of Christmas are behind us, it’s time to set ourselves up for the upcoming year financially.

policesidebannerMany people turn to credit in order to get through the festive season, and if you’re one of them – there are things you can do to get yourself back on track as soon as possible;

Get out the calculator and work out exactly what you owe
Shying away from the issues won’t help!

What do you have spare each month?
Whatever it is, dedicate as much as you can to paying off those credit card bills.

Be realistic in what you plan to pay every month
Missing your target can be demoralising and you may not feel like you’re getting anywhere.

Keep away from the cards and don’t be tempted to use them
Even the odd purchase here and there can set you back more than you’d think.

Give yourself the peace of mind that getting your credit card bills paid does for you
You can’t put a price on knowing you’re up to date (or getting there) paying what you owe!

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